Center for Animal Physical Rehabilitation and Mobility Solutions

Get your pet back on their paws!

Photos of pets in therapy

Compassionate Professionals, Exceptional Care

The PAWS on the GO team has an unrelenting passion for helping pets with their animal physical rehabilitation and mobility issues to help your pet achieve their best level of function as quickly as possible. Our approach focuses on non-invasive pain management and the integration of various therapeutic approaches, including acupuncture. We also provide programs for overall fitness and weight management.

Have peace of mind knowing that a fully trained veterinarian is managing the treatment of your pet.

Dr. Caroline Goulard, a licensed veterinarian that is certified in canine rehabilitation therapy, veterinary acupuncture and as a pain practitioner leads a team that will conduct a detailed history and assessment of your pet’s condition to formulate a customized treatment plan.

Our “paws-itive” attitude is contagious and creates a positive environment for every session!

The pet/owner bond is critical to the success of the treatment. You will be with your pet through each session and will participate in their progress. And, your pet will enjoy the fitness-center environment.

Get your dog or cat back on their paws so they can get back on the go!

Whatever your pet is experiencing, PAWS on the GO will help them with the utmost care and compassion…one paw at a time.