A Dedicated Resource in Pet Health and Rehabilitation

Dog Rehabilitation

PAWS on the GO provides physical rehabilitation services to reduce pain, restore mobility and support daily living activities.

After serving pets through at-home services since 2006, Dr. Caroline Goulard opened the Laguna Woods center location in 2013 with expanded capabilities – including both land and water treadmills. Animals with many muscular-skeletal conditions, orthopedic/neurologic injuries or those that have experienced recent surgery may all benefit from a customized treatment plan.

The goal is to help cats and dogs achieve their best level of function as an adjunct to the care they receive from you.

We offer so much more than just an exercise program. Our comprehensive physical rehabilitation approach integrates the basics of therapeutic exercise1 and manual therapies2 with acupuncture and other carefully selected therapeutic technologies for non-invasive pain management. As part of the comprehensive initial assessment, Dr. Goulard also conducts a complete medication and supplement review.

Dr. Goulard has dedicated years of training to ensure the highest quality of care.

She is certified in canine rehabilitation therapy, veterinary acupuncture and as a pain practitioner – personally evaluating each case and supervising every treatment. We invite you to learn more about Dr. Goulard and her credentials.

Clients can make informed decisions fitting their lifestyles and goals for their pets.

A recommended treatment plan with advantages, disadvantages and chances for success is presented. Since owners remain with their pets through each session, this important bond relaxes pets and ensures that owners understand what to do and not do at home.

Pet Orthotics, Prosthetics and Mobility Aids

Leg Prosthetic

Orthotics and prosthetics along with a variety of mobility aids with fitting services are offered. Dr. Goulard is extensively trained by OrthoPets for initial casting and to make on-site adjustments. A range of mobility aids are in stock, with fitting services to make sure every pet gets the right product for their needs.

Other Wellness Services

We also offer specific programs to improve overall mobility and quality of life. For more complex weight loss management, a program is developed to meet the caloric and exercise needs of each animal. Geriatric care and fitness programs are available as well.

Our Commitment to You

We respect that these are your valued clients and will keep you informed. You will receive an initial report, follow-up reports as needed, and a final report once a pet is no longer under our care. Clients are referred back to you for all medical and general health issues. We welcome the opportunity to assist your clients’ pets. Please call us to learn more about how we can help.