Underwater and Land Treadmills

Dalmatian at the Underwater Mill

Just like for two-legged creatures, a treadmill is an excellent form of exercise for either general conditioning or as part of a rehabilitation program. We have both underwater and land treadmills.

With an underwater treadmill (also called hydrotherapy), the unit is surrounded by glass to make a tank. Water is added to support the body and create a low impact exercise environment by reducing the effect of gravity to decreasing weight bearing up to 50%. This decreases pressure on the dog’s joints and muscle structure. It is extremely safe for unstable animals. It is an ideal therapy for dogs that are suffering from a joint disease, recovering from an injury, experiencing a neurologic issue or healing from surgery. As strength improves, the height of water is gradually decreased and weight bearing increases. In neurological cases, many times, dogs will learn to walk in the underwater treadmill before they will walk on land.

Dog Inside Water Treadmill
Water Treadmill
Dog Inside Water Treadmill

The land treadmill is an excellent option for dogs looking to improve overall fitness and burn more calories to lose weight. It offers the additional function of an adjustable incline that builds strength and serves as an alternative for dogs that are not receptive to the water treadmill or have wounds/incisions that contraindicate submersion in water.