Keep Your Pet Healthy for Years to Come

Fat Dalmatian

Nutrition and Weight Management

Our approach is comprehensive when developing a weight management program for animals that have been unable to lose enough weight for optimum health or to facilitate recovery. Weight management is central to any healthy lifestyle but can be especially important for our patients at PAWS on the GO. Just as each condition requires a specific treatment plan, a multi-faceted weight management and obesity prevention plan is critical to managing existing pain and combating weight-related medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases and other physical conditions.

A plan is then designed based on age, lifestyle, calorie requirements, and ability level. Additional recommendations may include supervised exercises at our facility or an at-home program that adjusts to your pet’s changing needs. At PAWS on the GO, we provide support both during and after weight loss to make sure your pet keeps the pounds off. Whether your companion is a budding athlete or entering the golden years (or any stage in between!), we can provide the help you need.

Geriatric Care

Senior Dog

Aging brings many important changes. Special consideration should be given to senior pets regarding pain management, mobility, and the treatment of acute or chronic conditions. At PAWS on the GO, Dr. Goulard employs specific rehabilitation techniques for geriatric patients and focuses on improving the overall quality of life for our aging companions. In addition to physical health, continued mental awareness is another important component of senior pet care. At PAWS on the GO, we understand the comprehensive benefits of physical activity, and we’re happy to discuss various therapies that keep both the mind and body of your pet in optimal condition.